Quick release

Improving your everyday life.

Weight Activated

Using the power of your own body.

Patented Technology

Allowing for real hands-free shoe tying.

Easy, Powerful & Awesome

Simply how things ought to be.

What They Say?

”Powerlace is the new frontier in footwear.”

Markus Kittner
Professional Footwear Designer

”In my fifteen years in the footwear industry, I’ve never seen such an innovation! ”

Philippe Durocher
Prosthetist Orthotist

Why Powerlace?

The mission of Powerlace Technologies is to contribute to the advancement of shoe technology around the world. More precisely, Powerlace aims at democratizing hands-free shoe tightening and releasing. By doing so, we are fulfilling the needs of a large number of people, among others:

  • High performers
  • Active people
  • Kids


  • Innovation

  • Simplicity

  • Efficiency

About Our Company

A creative team making self-lacing shoes a reality

Who is behind all this?

Powerlace Technologies was founded in 2013 by the mechanical engineer Frédérick Labbé after the discovery of the world’s most advanced self-lacing shoe technology. Since then, the company owns several patents which honour the uniqueness of its innovative technology.

“For a small group of friends to achieve what so many giants in the industry have been attempting for years, shows just how much can be achieved in this world.”

Since 2016, Powerlace is dedicated to bringing its innovative product available to the general public. Many experts believe that it will be a game-changer in the shoe industry. In fact, if you were given the choice, would you bend over to tie up your shoes?

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