Our Story

At Powerlace, we believe that ''lacing is not a sport'. Have you ever felt that lacing your shoes is a redundant and annoying task? In fact, everyday objects of our lives are constantly evolving. Phones have become handheld computers. Cars are smarter and cleaner. Watches have turned into personal assistants. But what about our shoes? After 15 years of research and development, we came up with a shoe that will make your dreams come true, Powerlace's P-One.

In our quest to build the most innovative prototypes, we have gone through countless manufacturing processes including 3D designing, numerically controlled machining, plastic injection, thermoset, stitching and ultrasonic welding. All stages of research and development have been conducted in St-Hubert, Canada by our team of rocket scientists. We are confident that our efforts will offer you the greatest self-lacing shoe experience.

Our last Kickstarter campaign goes back to November 2014 and generated high interest among early adopters. We have never gave up the desire to provide you guys with the best alternative tying solutions. No compromise was made on comfort, ease of use and performance. More importantly, we have strengthening bonds of collaboration with reputed Chinese shoe manufacturer and a prestigious designer. The factory is now ready for the first production run, are you ready to step in?

Michel Boisvert, President, Co-Owner    
Frédérick Labbé, Vice-President, Co-Owner    
Louis-Pierre Thibeau, Co-Owner    
Pierre Gagnon, Co-Owner    
Nicolas Cloutier, Co-Owner